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Getting Started with Slot Machines

The first thing you may want to find out when beginning your slot session is the payout rate of the particular machine. The higher the rate the better. All machines are pre-programmed to payout a certain percentage and every player has the right to know what this percentage is. Payout percentages typically range from about 85 to 98 percent. The payout percentages may be posted somewhere on or in the area of the machine, but if it isn’t or you don’t see it, just ask a casino attendant.

Most machines will accept a min. to a maximum number of coins to be played per spin. One usually being the lowest and three to five commonly the highest. Get familiar with the payout schedule that is printed on the machine as you will notice that the machine will payout different amounts or sometimes not at all when hitting a winning combination depending on how many coins you’ve inserted. For example, the machine may advertise a jackpot of 10 000 coins, but you must become aware that in most cases you are only eligible to win this amount if you play the maximum amount of coins.

So think about what your goal is before putting in any coins. If you are determined to win that jackpot then always play the max coins, you will never forgive yourself if you hit that combination and had only played one or two coins instead of the required three.

All in all, slot machine gambling is quite easy and straightforward. Strategy doesn’t really come into play. The best advice we can give you is to know the machine you are playing, make sure it meets all your requirements, has a high payout percentage and read and understand the payout schedule before depositing any coins. You don’t want to hit the big combination only to get paid a lesser amount because you didn’t deposit the right amount coins.

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