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Slot Machines Strategy

Since all slot machines are preprogrammed and payouts are totally random, it is very difficult to form a sure-to-win strategy. However there are a few strategies that you can develop to aid in increasing your chances at hitting it big or at least gaining some return on time.

First, be sure you are playing a machine that you can afford. If your beginning bankroll is quite low, stick to the lower denomination machines, you’ll have more spins and in turn more chances at hitting a nice combination.

Next be sure you have read and understood the payout schedule. For example, if your goal is to win the jackpot advertised for the machine, in most case you are only eligible for this prize if you have played the maximum amount of coins. Also, on multi pay-line machines, some of the pay-lines will only payout if you have deposited the corresponding amount of coins. So in order to maximize your profits, we suggest playing the max. number of coins, you may go through your bankroll a little faster but trust us, it’s is worth it when you hit that winning combination, your prize will double or triple in size.

It is also worth your while to find out the payback percentage for the machine you are playing. This percentage changes machine to machine and the higher the payback rate, the better your chances of making some money. So if you’ve found a machine whose payback is set to 80% it is probably a good choice to find a new machine as there are many machines out there with much better rates. Due to lower overhead costs, etc., it is a fact that online slot machines offer the best payback percentages out there (some even offering rates up to 98%-99%).

And finally, before you begin your play, set an amount of money that you are willing to spend should you not hit it big and stick to that amount. If it’s not in your cards to win the jackpot then at least you’re not going home completely broke and have at least enjoyed your experience. And if you have won, and the machine has run out of money, don’t leave the machine, you are entitled to that amount of money and an attendant will be with you promptly to pay you what you are owed.

Crooked Machines:

The term “One Armed Bandit” did not derive from nowhere, back in the early days of the slot machine, some slot machines were programmed to never pay out and the crooked operators reaped the benefits. These machines would consist of many symbols, required to hit in order to win, that were programmed to stay clear of the pay-line. Today however, slot machines, as well as all other gambling related games are closely governed by strict laws and regulations. Every slot machine contains a random number generator (RNG) that assures every spin is completely random and does not rely on any previous spin. The machines are also preset to payout a certain percentage and are carefully tested and approved in this sense before being put into play. Of course, like many businesses, there are some dodgy operators out there and there might be a small chance that you will come across a crooked machine. But all in all, any reputable, large, recommended casinos/online casinos do not operate in this manner and you can be assured that every spin you make is legitimate and random and has every opportunity to hit a win. Just have a look at your surroundings or take recommendations and opinions into account and you will have no problem finding a safe place to play.

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