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Slot Myths - Fact and Fiction about Slot Machines

The following section has been created to ease your mind and clear up any false accusations you may have come across or heard in regards to the slot machine. It is very common, when hearing a rumor or a piece of negative information to never forget it. Hopefully we will change your feelings and all you’ll be able to think of after visiting our site are all the positive and exciting things that slot machines have to offer.

Some say that certain machines are not worth wasting your time and money since they’ve just paid out and are therefore not due to payout again in a long while. Although this theory seems to make perfect sense, it is not true. Yes, the machine is set to payout a certain percentage of the money it takes in, but every spin on the machine is completely random and totally independent of any other spin. One machine may take 10 000 spins before it pays out big but there is an equal chance of hitting that jackpot again on spin 10 002 as there is of hitting on spin 15 000 or spin 20 000. The winning spin is determined by an exact moment in time, not because it hasn’t hit in a while.

Others may argue that a machine is dry and won’t payout because it isn’t running in a pay cycle (it is in a take cycle). However when it comes to slots, again, each spin is completely random, and there is no such thing as a pay cycle or a take cycle.

Have you ever been playing a machine and been nervous to leave it in case the next person who comes along hits a big payout a few spins in to their game. How could you sleep at night if this happened, that jackpot should’ve been yours, right? Actually chances are if you had stayed on that machine you might not have hit the same jackpot. The random action of paying out does not depend on the amount of spins that have previously occurred. It is the exact moment that the reels are spun that determines the outcome of the spin. So if you had stayed at your machine, you would’ve had to hit spin at exactly the same moment as the other player had spun in order to receive the same payout. So you can sleep soundly tonight, as chances are you wouldn’t have spun at that exact moment.

Finally, there are rumors out there that suspect that hitting the slots machines using a casino club card will decrease your chances at winning big. Again, this is not true. In fact the opposite should be true, since club cards were developed to encourage more play in the casino and nothing encourages more play than being paid out. A player who is getting paid will more likely continue playing than a player who is getting nothing. In the long run, casinos want there players to continue playing. However, as mentioned over and over, each spin, no matter the payment method is totally random and depends on the exact moment in time. Further more, using a club card is worth your while; the added bonuses they offer (for example, an extra 5% of your initial bankroll) could be the difference of you becoming a big winning player or a less successful player.

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