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Slots History - How it all Started

The world over, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean and North and South America, the slot machine has found it’s way into many different peoples lives. This popular machine is an American invention that was discovered by a young mechanic, Charles Fey. The phenomenon dates back to 1887 when Fey manufactured the very first version of the slot machine similar to the one that we play today. Fey was not only a manufacturer but an entrepreneur to say the least. He took these machines and rented them to local gambling facilities at a 50% profit share.

The first mass produced machines were known as the Liberty Bell and featured symbols in the form of bells, horseshoes, stars and the four symbols found on a standard deck of cards (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs). All which are commonly found on modern day reels. If you are a slot fanatic, you maybe interested to actually see one of these original slot machines. The Liberty Belle saloon and restaurant in Reno has one on display for the public’s interest.

Fey’s machines were programmed to accept 5 cent coins and would pay the player 2 coins for hitting the basic 2 horseshoes up to 20 coins when the player hit three bells, with a number of other payouts corresponding to different combinations.

Over the next few years the slot machine underwent many minor changes to aid in its increasing popularity; however the basic functions and foundations remained the same as Fey’s vision. For example, the outer casing of the machine was painted with bright and interesting images in order to appeal to different groups of players. Next, more appealing sounds and animations were added to create a pleasing atmosphere. Eventually machines, such as the, the “Big Bertha” were created, that accepted larger denominations of coins, increasing players payouts as well as increasing profits to the casino. And finally machines were developed, such as the “Super Bertha” that instead of two or three reels, these machines held up to 8 different reels making hitting a jackpot near impossible (but if hit, the payout would be enormous).

Today, casino operators and slot manufacturers have used these innovations to create the thousands of different machines active in the thousands of casinos around the world. You will find 5 cent machines to one arm bandits that accept up $100 - $500 per spin! 2 and 3 reel machines or it is common these days to find video slot machines that feature 8 to 10 reels. But the newest phenomenon for the slot machine is its move to the internet. There are many reputable online casinos on the web that feature these games. This evolution has created a convenient atmosphere for anyone to log into their computer and test their luck with the slot machine from anyplace at anytime.

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